INNsight Sets The Legal Precedent For Online ADA AccessibilityIntroducing ADA Shield® by INNsight. The Gold Standard of Online ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility. Defined by technology and legal precedence.

Until now, there was no clarity under the current interpretation of ADA Title III and wider assumptions of what it means to be compliant with accessibility laws online. Due to this lack of clarity, many businesses have been hit by spurious 'click-by' lawsuits claiming that their online presence was in violation of The Law. In order to help define the construct by which a business can be judged to be compliant, a legal precedence desperately needed to be set.

Late in 2019, INNsight led the charge to define The Gold Standard for online ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility Conformity. Supplemented with its Subject Matter Expertise in ADA Title III provisions and coding standards for Web Accessibility, its software framework, and solid defense of its client against a frivolous claim by The Manning Law Group, the same plaintiff's attorney who defended Robles vs. Domino's Pizza and who have a wide reputation for hard-nosed negotiation. Legal scholars and hospitality businesses should rejoice at the efforts by INNsight in helping define standards for online compliance with its ADA Shield™ by reviewing the documents of our Legal Library

ADA Compliant Hotel Websites Designed with Accessibility In Mind

1. INNsight DEVELOPS THOUGHT LEADERSHIP AND EXPERTISE In The Area of Online ADA Compliance and Web Accessibility

The Subject Matter Experts at INNsight have been published and are the thought leaders in Online ADA Compliance with multiple reg organization articles, webinars, and seminars under their tutelage. Major hospitality reg organizations respect CEO, Raj Patel, as the pre-eminent expert in online ADA compliance with several guest speaking engagements and referrals as an expert witness in the space.

ADA Compliant Hotel Websites Designed with Accessibility In Mind
ADA Tray® An Additional Layer of Protection & Accessibility

2. INNsight DEVELOPS PROPRIETARY ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY To Make Hospitality Websites More Accessible and Defensible From Lawsuits

INNsight's Content Management System, Website Design, Usability Testing, and Booking Engine have been developed with accessibility in mind and support the most robust framework for online ADA Title III Compliance and Conformity to WCAG Standards.

3. INNsight DEFENDS ITS CLIENT vs. Manning Law Group and Establishes Legal Precedence

With Legal Precedence Established in a case vs. Manning Law Group, INNsight has moved one step closer to establishing the de facto standard that its hospitality websites are truly ADA Compliant and can and will argue its defensibility on the merit of The Law's interpretation, and the forensic data utilizing its software framework to establish the credibility of a plaintiff's claims.


Manning Law Group Files (Frivolous) Suit v. INNsight Client, Claiming Violation of ADA Title III

Dugo vs BBI Summons Dugo vs BBI Summons Defendent's Answer To Lawsuit Defendent's Answer To Lawsuit

INNsight Decides To Act On Behalf of Its Client and All Hospitality Businesses To Defend The Merits of Its Technology, Invalidate Frivolous Claims, and Establish The Standard For Online ADA Compliance

INNsight Retort Letter INNsight Retort Letter Notice to Preserve Documents Notice to Preserve Documents INNsight Forensic Data Analysis INNsight Forensic Data Analysis INNsight's Final Letter INNsight's Final Letter

INNsight Prevails v. Manning Law Group and Defends Client From Predatory Suit and Obtains Dismissal at Zero Cost, Establishing The Gold Standard For Online ADA Compliance: ADA Shield®

Request For Dismissal Request For Dismissal

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