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INNsight, A PIONEER IN HOSPITALITY DIGITAL MARKETING INTRODUCES ADA TRAY®Patent-Pending Assistive Technologies That Keeps Your Website Accessible At All Times

A user with audio, visual, or mobility disability requirements can easily enable the ADA Tray® widget to make your website more accessible. There are a growing list of features which allow the user to quickly adjust the code on your website to make it more operable, distinguishable, navigable, and understandable, thereby increasing protection from any claims that individuals with disabilities can not consume your website. All websites Powered by INNsight have this widget included for Free!

30+ features that individuals with disabilities can tailor your website to their personal requirements

ADA Tray® will make your website more accessible for every disability:

Web Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

Web Accessibility for theVisually Impaired

ADA Tray® supports color adjustment for the and creates an unlimited configuration of font sizes, spacing, and content surfacing plus a novel audio translator.

Individuals who suffer from glaucoma, cataracts, color vision deficiency, or blindness have difficulty experiencing your website. ADA Tray® allows individuals with varying degrees of visual impairment to better engage with your website by configuring many visual aspects of your website, not to mention fully read all of the content aloud!

Web Accessibility for the Elderly

Web Accessibility for theElderly

INNsight’s ADA Tray® provides assistive technologies to help elderly users overcome any deteriorated vision and motor senses.

Elderly individuals can easily summon the ADA Tray® and change screen contrast settings, highlight links, increase font size, and enable a larger mouse cursor to better perceive, operate, and navigate your website.

Web Accessibility for the Elderly
Web Accessibility for the Mobility Impaired

Web Accessibility for the Mobility Impaired

The ADA Tray® helps make your website easier to navigate by allowing for keyboard sticky keys to enable or disable accessibility features to highlight important links.

Individuals who suffer from declining motor function, paralysis, or other physical ailments may find it difficult to use a mouse to interact with your website. The ADA Tray® helps for easier navigation utilizing just a keyboard.

Product Features:

Patent-Pending Innovation Patent-Pending Innovation
INNsight is all about innovation. You may have seen many similar widgets, but we’ll assure you that none of them are as robust in their offering or have invested the time and dedication to solve accessibility requirements faced by hospitality businesses. INNsight has a patent-pending with the USPTO on ADA Tray® and its invention
Highly configurable ADA Widget Configurable
ADA Tray® is highly configurable. Select your own iconography, placement of the widget, and behavior. Enable or disable any of the features presented in The Tray with a click of a button in the easy to use real-time configuration panel.
Efficient and Private User Data Tracking Efficient and Private User Data Tracking
The ADA Tray® offers valuable data about user engagement. Know how many users utilized the widget and which features they most deployed.
Evergreen Technology Evergreen Technology
INNsight continuously works to develop its tools and aims to satisfy the most stringent regulations for online accessibility. ADA Tray® is Evergreen Technology, meaning we automatically push updates on-the-fly to your widget. Just sit back and relax and watch your website’s accessibility features grow.
Feature List:
Alt Tag Reader Alt Tag Reader
Accessible Links and Clickable Page Elements Accessible Links and Clickable Page Elements
Titles and Buttons Highlighter Titles and Buttons Highlighter
Skip to Content Skip to Content
Built In Audible Page Reader Built In Audible Page Reader
Cursor Emphasis White or Black Cursor Emphasis White or Black
Change Title and Text Colors Change Title and Text Colors
Forms Accessibility Forms Accessibility
Full Keyboard Navigation Full Keyboard Navigation
Configurable Accessibility Statement Configurable Accessibility Statement
Built-in Help Guide Built-in Help Guide
Zoom Zoom
Adjust Font Size Adjust Font Size
Animation Freezer Animation Freezer
Reader View Reader View
Link Highlighter Link Highlighter
Contrast Contrast
Saturation Saturation
rayScale Converter GrayScale Converter
Color Inverter Color Inverter
MonoChrome Color Wheel MonoChrome Color Wheel
Invert Invert
Sepia Sepia
Quick Reset Quick Reset
Tab Through Tab Through

The process of conforming to WCAG web accessibility standards with ADA Tray® is simple:


Subscribe to the ADA Tray® today.


We will send you the line of JS code to install on your website


Your website will instantly display the ADA Tray® and layer on assistive technologies to make it conform to WCAG standards


Just let INNsight redesign your hospitality website from the ground up and we will layer on ADA Tray® on a fully ADA compliant website design that is coded to WCAG specifications

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